hacked By Wissem Mahfoud

Hacked by Wissem Mahfoud

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19 thoughts on “hacked By Wissem Mahfoud

  1. The development was sold by Council as improving the ferry terminals and encouraging people to visit Straddie. The Walker proposal is all about creating maximum real estate even to the extent of creating the parkland outside of the pda boundry. This Walker plan is unacceptable.

    • Thank you Craig for this chance to express my view. My wife (Grace) & I made it perfectly clear to the people conducting the public consultation at Dunwich a couple of years ago. Yes, you were there.
      We said very clearly that MORE FREE public parking was required! NOW!
      To provide less is just plain dum!
      What is happening to The One Mile& Dunwich car parks?

      • Hi Kerry, The Dunwich side of things is on the backburner but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The State Government has committed to doing a ‘Town Plan’ for Dunwich as part of the ‘transition’ investment. That would be an opportunity to bring some sense and order to the travel arrangements in Dunwich.

  2. Hi
    I feel costs to travel to Straddie are high enough. Paying for parking would be likely to make us rethink our twice annual trips to Straddie…

  3. It just gets worse for Straddie residents – close of mining, huge number of businesses up for sale, increase in barge fares and now paid parking! For us who have lived here for most of our lives its another expense we can’t afford.

  4. If you want an idea of what a Walkers style high-rise residential development will look like for parking, then take a look at the new buildings in Southport below Nerang St.

    Just Google Maps / Google Earth Como Cres and Aqua St or Lawson St to get an idea of what parking is like.

    And they don’t have tourists trying to board barges or water taxis to contend with.

  5. Why is it that “NEW” development always means “LESS” for established clientele?
    How is it that parking “additional parking space” usually means “Less parking space in the future”? I am against any charges and less spaces for future parking for any current users.! Increased Ferry charges – decreased parking space – charges for future parking space? This is not improvement. It is just an excuse to slug NSI residents who are facing proposed extra charges and decreasing facilities under the banner of development? Parking costs are an impost on living in Straddie. Nothing else! Visitors make a choice to travel to Straddie. Islanders are not visitors!

  6. As a regukar visitor to the Island and a member of Point Lookout Surf life saving club I’m interested to find out the outcome of this situation. We have a car on the Island we share with another family who are also regular visitors.
    Many thanks Joanne

  7. Thanks Craig do account between boxing day and new year of parked cars this is how many free car parks is needed at least when mining finishes on Straddie more parking will be required at Clevland not less

  8. It’s so expensive to take car across on ferry.
    I think a lot of people would not go across if they had to pay for the parking or more streets would be full of Parkers . It is bad now at Easter Christmas and public holidays..
    We are unable to do camping trips over there as it is so expensive. If the ferry was more realistic would go 2 or 3 times a year.

  9. We are a family with two young kids who live and work on Straddie and have just started running an accomodation property in Dunwich, also have a father in law who resides at Moopi Moopi aged care on the Island. We have a car that we park at The ferry terminal as it is too expensive to take our vehicle over every time needed (medical appointments, shopping, entertainment and cultrual experiences etc). Public transport does not get you to all the places you need to go. The cost of living is already really high don’t make it harder. Toondah Harbour car park is an extension of every Straddie residents driveway as it is our only way of getting on and off the island, would you want to pay to park in your driveway and possibly have other “new residents” parking in it as well. The mass development of Toondah is incomparable with what is needed in way of increased free, rain appropriate parking for Syraddie residents and visitors. Walker Group must address this parking issue by imcreasing (doubling the free parking already there, creating covered drop off areas close to boats, rain and weather protected ferry waiting for a full boat load of people. If they don’t fix this on their plans then Walker Group will be largely responsible for a likely exudes of residents who can’t afford to live here and tourism struggling to grow. It’s that simple!

  10. Many island residents have to regularly work or do business on the mainland. Most find barges far too expensive and have chosen to have mainland vehicles to access employment, education, health services and countless other things. Rather than increasing costs for island residents Redland City Council should actively be seeking to promote permanent employment during the forthcoming transition away from mining. This really is a proposal without vision or care for the future.

  11. Public parking is already inadequate now , why on earth is less parking being considered and what good will this continuing problem contribute. Mining is to be stopped and the idea is for tourism to take its place. Many tourists will be looking at travelling by water taxi as barge fares have increased recently, therefore they will need to leave their cars at Toondah. Many permanent residents on Stradbroke are not in a financial position to pay parking fees., especially when they already have the expense of having to have two cars, one on the island and one on the mainland so they can get to work. They cannot afford to use the barge on a daily basis. I attended meetings which were held by council at Dunwich so residents could air their views on the plans and one of the main points put forward was “more public parking”. It seems those meetings were a waste of time and residents’ concerns were disregarded.

  12. Craig, why cant all Toondah Parking be paid and Straddie and SMBI residents apply to Council for free parking exemption window pass. That will allow residents to find a park anywhere and Brisbane tourists to pay for parking, providing a revenue to the Council to fund extra parking when required. We all pay parking to visit Brisbane. Toondah paid parking will entice more tourists to travel to Toondah via QLD rail, increasing public transport train patronage reducing vehicles and increasing chances of Government to upgrade Cleveland rail line. Ever expanding free parking will just endlessly cost rate payers. Tourists need to pay.

    Support and lobby for better access to Straddie via Russell Island using causeway and cable barges, then free parking will not be a issue.

  13. Free parking encourages vehicle use when Governments are pushing more use in walking, bicycling and public transport. Your free parking idea, does not match your own agendas.

  14. Here’s the sting. With the introduction of the new barge fare in April 2015 came higher fares for island residents and no security of booking, ie. standby status. As a result, many more island residents with a vehicle on the island decided to buy a 2nd car which remains parked on the mainland in the water taxi parking area. The introduction of paid parking will penalise island residents and raise the cost of living on Straddie.

    The State govt, through various agencies like Brisbane Marketing and Tourism Queensland, and the RCC are investing heavily each year in promoting tourism on Straddie. The State govt and the RCC are jointly involved in the formulation of an Economic Transition Strategy (ETS) to oversee the investment of $20m assisting the island to transition to a post-mining economy. Tourism will continue to be the primary economic driver for the island. With the island being captive to the monopolised private enterprise barge service provider, and the loss of an estimated 26% of barge revenue when sand mining ceases, one thing is certain: the cost of vehicular access to the island will not get cheaper but is likely to increase. For that reason and the fact that people, not cars, spend money on the island, one of the central planks of the ETS needs to focus on promoting people visiting Straddie without cars. Necessarily, this will require development of far more efficient cost-effective public transportation on the island and between the three island communities. It will also require massively expanded parking facilities at Toonda Harbour with easy access to the water taxi terminal(s). To put a fee on such parking would be simply counter-productive in terms of the effort and investment in promoting tourism on Straddie. The cost of providing such adequate parking infrastructure will surely be offset by The anticipated growth in private investment in tourism and
    associated residential growth both on the island and mainland.

  15. Further to my last comment, the promotion of visitation to the island without cars means less pressure on island infrastructure resulting from cars such as road maintenance, expansion, improvement and maintenance of parking facilities at beaches, popular tourist attractions etc. That will result in a cost saving to Local and State govt responsible for such matters. In other words, Local and/or State govt investment in expansion of free parking at Toonadah Harbour as well as improved public transport on and around the island to efficiently move visitors, will be offset by the projected savings in infrastructure costs on the island that would otherwise result from a large increase in visitor cars.

  16. Having lived on Stradbroke for 35 years, on an age pension, the constant barge increases in costs, forced us to locate a car on the mainland near the water taxis, as we cannot afford the barge fares.
    Being old people we need constant trips to hospitals for surgery and treatment and need our vehicle to get to these various places.
    Also our children live in Brisbane areas not accessible by public transport.
    The Govt.s crucifixtion of Stradbroke has made it impossible to sell up and move, with sufficient capital to buy on the mainland.